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Tao Shiatsu Therapy Frees Man From Lower Back Pain

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Chronic pain can affect our physical and emotional well-being, severely limit our ability to engage in routine daily activities, and can seriously hinder our quality of life. It can impact our mood, our sleep, and our relationships with those around us.

Recent studies have shown that Canadians are living in pain. In fact,almost one in five adults, report living with some form of chronic pain, with the lower back being the most frequently mentioned site of chronic pain.

Luc had been suffering from lower back pain and was looking for a way to alleviate his symptoms without the use of medication, injections or other invasive medical procedures. A colleague at work recommended he consult Lawrence Lefcort, RMT, certified Tao Shiatsu teacher and therapist and founder of the Tao Sangha Healing Centre in Dunham, Quebec.

“I’ve had two treatments with Lawrence, and frankly after my first treatment, it was really, really beneficial,” says Luc. “All the pain I had, particularly in my lower back, completely dissipated.”

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What Is Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is said to be chronic if it persists for more than three months. Chronic low back pain can result from a wide array of factors including injury, work-related repetitive motions, wear and tear, and even from the effect of stress on the body.

The kind of pain that is experienced by each individual can vary greatly. Some people may feel pain in their bones, others may experience the feeling of nerve pain or excruciating muscular discomfort. The feeling of pain can range from a dull ache to tingling, burning, stabbing or sharp sensations, with varying degrees of intensity, from mild to extreme.

Often it can be difficult to pinpoint the source of one’s pain. And at times, the original condition that triggered the discomfort may have already healed, but the pain lingers on and continues to be a nuisance.

Why is Tao Shiatsu Effective in Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Tao Shiatsu gets to the root of lower back pain. Through applied pressure with the fingers, thumbs, and forearms the therapist is able to directly access lower back pain at its deepest point, bringing it up to the surface and allowing it to exit via the energetic pathways of the body known as meridians.

The continuous pressure affects the circulation of Ki (also known as "Chi") in the body. Ki is the universal life-giving energy that manifests in all creation. Stuck or stagnated energy in the body, the root cause of all pain and disease known as ‘jaki’, is released. This in turn, returns the body to its natural state of equilibrium.

“I’ve just finished my second treatment,” says Luc. “I’m leaving here feeling like I’ve grown. Tao Shiatsu is really something special.”

The heart of the Tao Shiatsu therapist unifies with the patient to connect deeply to the source of their pain. The therapist imagines where the patient most wants and needs to feel pressure, and acts accordingly, blurring the boundary between subject and object. Tao shiatsu treats the whole person, concentrating not only on the symptoms, but also on the individual's vitality and innate healing power.

After two successful Tao Shiatsu treatments, Luc is thankful for being pain-free again. “I didn’t know what Tao Shiatsu was before, but I can honestly say that it’s a really helpful treatment,” he says. “For me it’s been a really positive experience.”

To learn how Tao Shiatsu may be able to help you or someone you care about deal with chronic lower back pain, please contact us or call: 450 295-1470 (office) / 514 278-6513 (cell).

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